1. Where is the library? 770 Park Street, Woodland, WA. BUT a new library is coming! It will be located 411 Lakeshore Drive.

2. What are the library hours? Curbside pick-up available

  • Monday-Saturday  10am-6pm

3. What is the library’s phone number? 360-906-4838


1. When is the next used book sale and where is it?

Click this link to see the latest events!

2. How can I donate books for the book sale?

Call our book sales leader, Sharon Watt at 360-225-2294 to arrange a drop off or pick up. We love donors! (Note: No magazines, please.)


1. What are the Friends of Woodland Community Library?

The Friends is a group of citizens passionate about the benefits of a community library. We work to support our local library through fundraising, advocacy, and volunteering, and we’re always happy to welcome new Friends.

2. When do the Friends meet and can I attend a meeting?

Meetings are held at 1:30pm on the second Thursday of each month at the VFW Hall, 434 Davidson Avenue, 98674.  Everyone is welcome to attend!

3. What does it cost to join the Friends?

You’ll like this answer! Year-long memberships are $10 per individual, $20 per family, and $30 per business. We also offer a lifetime membership which never needs renewing for $200.   Of course, additional donations are always welcome!

4. How can I join the Friends?

Simply click on JOIN US! and follow the links to complete a membership form.


1. Why does Woodland need a new library?

The current 106-year-old building

  • Is too small to house the collections our community needs
  • Allows no access to the second floor for those with mobility issues
  • Cannot be rewired to expand technology or support an elevator
  • Has worn out, iffy wiring, plumbing, heating, cooling, and flooring
  • Has no dedicated space for children, teens, or meetings

It’s impossible for our current library to serve the needs of our growing community, provide a community gathering place, or become a place of community pride.

2. With the advent of the Internet, do we even need libraries?

If you want a million answers, go to the Internet; if you want the right answer, ask a librarian. The Internet has expanded personal access to information, but it has also expanded access to misinformation and questionable sources. Librarians and their staffs are trained to identify accurate information and credible sources. They can provide access to proprietary databases and other sources of information that most of us would not be able to access on our own.


1. How can I support the library?

  • By joining the Friends
  • By donating books for our used book sales (see ABOUT BOOK SALES above)
  • By volunteering at library programs
  • By donating dollars or other items
  • By volunteering at Friends’ fundraising events
  • By serving on the Friends’ board or one of its committees

2. How can I become a volunteer?

It’s easy. Contact the Friends’ president, Betty Bates at bbeyes@kalama.com or email us at friendsofwoodlandlibrary@gmail.com to let us know you’re interested!

3. How can I donate money?

Just click on DONATE and follow the link provided. Be sure to indicate that your donation is for Woodland Community Library!

4. What are The Cornerstone Societies and how does one become a member?

The Cornerstone Societies are made up of those who contribute $1,000 or more to the Woodland Community Library building fund. Call 360-906-4830 or email friendsofwoodlandlibrary@gmail.com to arrange for someone to deliver a Cornerstone form to you. What a great way to leave a lasting legacy that will benefit your community for many years to come.

5. May I pay my Cornerstone pledge over time?

Yes! You may choose to pay all at once or choose monthly, quarterly, or yearly donations. You may pay in cash, by check, or by credit card.

6. May I remain anonymous?

Yes. Just let us know your wishes.

7. May I make a memorial gift?

Yes, a memorial gift is a wonderful and lasting way to remember a loved one.

8. May I give a gift other than dollars?

Yes. Non-cash gifts, such as stocks, life insurance plans, and donations from estate planning efforts are welcome. Simply email us at friendsofwoodlandlibrary@gmail.com to get started.

9. How much of my donation actually goes to library programs or to the building fund?

All of it!

More questions? Call us at 360-906-4830, or email us at friendsofwoodlandlibrary@gmail.com.