About Us

Who We Are  An organization of local citizens who support the programs and services of Woodland Community Library through fundraising, promotion, and volunteering. We operate under the umbrella of Fort Vancouver Regional Library Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit. Funds raised by the Friends provide for items and services not within the library’s regular budget, such as refreshments for public events, special performers, equipment or furniture, and now, a new library building!

Our Work

  • To strengthen Woodland Community Library’s value to the greater Woodland area
  • To secure funding for projects and services beyond the library’s operating budget
  • To inspire community interest and involvement in the library

Why We’re Working for a New Library  Our current library building is historical and charming–it was 100 years old in 2009, and the city has allowed us to use it since 1927!–but at less than 2400 square feet on two floors, with no elevator, and iffy wiring, plumbing, flooring, heating and cooling, it doesn’t meet our community’s needs. It’s time for a more spacious, comfortable, and up-to-date library for our growing town.

Join Us!  Libraries need Friends and we’re always eager to welcome more. We invite you to join us. Dues are just $10 per year, and you can be as active in the organization as your schedule allows. Come share the fun, the benefits, and the vision! Join us.

Meetings  Meetings are held at 1:30pm on the second Thursday of each month.  Currently the meetings are held at the VFW Hall, 434 Davidson Avenue. Everyone is welcome to attend! 

Fundraising  Our primary method of fundraising is used book sales.  Call our book sales leader Sharon Watt at 360-225-2294 to donate books (no magazines, please). 
We also hold special fundraising
events throughout the year, so watch for those to be announced on this website.

Donations Click on DONATE at the top of this page and follow the link provided.

Volunteering  We can always use more helping hands. If you want to be part of a worthwhile, lasting legacy, we want to work with you! Email us at friendsofwoodlandlibrary@gmail.com or call 360-524-2594 for information.

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